About Us

Our company was established in accordance with the provisions of the “Regulation on the Procedures and Principles Regarding the Production and Trade of Tobacco Products”, which was published and enured in the Official Newspaper , aiming to produce hookah tobacco product with Al Şaha Tobacco title in 2016.with the latest technological machinery which is not possessed by the competitors in the world, T.C. No. 27749 dated 04/11/2010 with the capacity of 2.500 kg per hour. in ISTANBUL.

Our plant ,on the European side of Istanbul is located in the industrial zone of Silivri, Istanbul. lt is among most intensive industrial facilities in terms of transportation, supply and geopolitical point of view. As a result of our position, our facility has a great advantage to the access to raw material resources, transportation and communication system, land use in the Marmara Region, and proximity to the city market.

Our company aims to produce narghile tobacco products and to sell the products in domestic and foreign markets within the framework of Turkish Republic legal regulations.

Our Goals

To create an exemplary corporate identity that respects the law, the environment, ethical and human values,
To create an institution that everybody would please to become a part of in a happy employee + happy customer + happy shareholder balance,
To develop market and customer oriented perspective by following the current and future effects of the sectoral trends and dynamics on the market,
Taking innovation as a part of the management and growth approach that allows thinking beyond the sector and market boundaries to create different new and changing, To gain a leading position in the country and global sense in the awareness of our successful work and responsibility.


AL ŞAHA TOBACCO which sets forth with the principle of “We never forget that the trust of our customers is our most important investment. If you do not respond to the needs and expectations of your customers although you have made the most delicious and quality product of the world, you will not be successful ” manufactures  the best products to respond customer expectations by satisfaction policy; quality and delicious product, in hygienic conditions, as well as to make customers happy.

AL ŞAHA TOBACCO is aware of the fact that to increase the quality of service produced with customer oriented marketing passes through the customer’s expectations.of the road is able understanding. In AL ŞAHA TOBACCO  as a result of long-term market researches in , new products are produced, and the existing products are planned to be developed in the light of the customers’ evaluations.


AL ŞAHA TOBACCO; has defined its existence to increase the reliability and productivity of its customers along with their employees, to grow together with consumers and suppliers, to place quality and safety cultures with continuous improvement, to develop products according to changing market and consumer needs, to increase consumer preference and commitment, and to increase their reliability and productivity together with their employees.
Our target is to be a company that fits legal and ethical rules, respects the environment and nature, chooses and evaluates human resources with care, develops and uses up-to-date technologies, develops high quality products that exceed consumer expectations, and delivers them to large consumer masses at the right cost.