How long should I consume after opening the product ?

After opening the package , you should pay attention to the expiration date and storage conditions on the package .

How should I preserve products ?

It must be stored in cooler environments , usually in glass jars and aluminum containers to prevent the aroma from losing .

Does the hookah team affect the quality of the hookah ?

Oxidation and cleaning of the tool made of different metals hookah smoking affects quality.

How should I clean the hookah team ?

The chemicals sold on the market to clean the hookah should not be used because it is both abrasive and suitable for health . So wash the hookah team with vinegar water and dry in a well-ventilated place .

Which should I use hookah embers ?

The use of false embers will lead to excessive headache , so be sensitive to this . It is important that the used embers is odorless and not chemical .

Does consuming hookah in cates cause health problems ?

Make sure the hookah teams in clean and use disposable hookah tube . If more than one person smokes hookah careful to use reed.

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