What is Hookah?

Hookah is a traditional tobacco smoking tool unique to the The Balkans , Middle East and South Asia. India is thought to be the first place of Hookah as an indispensable element of eastern culture. This is a culture with a long history coming from lndians to , from Persians to the Arabs and from the Arabs to the Ottomans.

It was called ‘Shisha’ in Arapland and ‘Kalyan’ in Iran. The name of the hookah which varies in every different culture is based on Farsi. ln Persian “Hookah” means coconut. The reason for the name coconut is the Indians who burned the tobacco-like layer outside the coconut and enjoyed the reed that they put into the walnut. ln time, glass, crystal, tin or even silver body hookahs began to be used. By the pressure difference that occurs while breathing , the air passes through the embers first, then through the pores in the bowl of hookah bowl  after  heating up.

The aroma of tobacco smoke, heated by hot air, mixes and passes through the water, cooling down during this time. Then the smoke reaches out to the smoker. In addition to cooling the fumes in the hookah, water also filters some of the tar inside. The difference smoking hookah  from tobacco is when the tobacco smoke is taken from the water, the heat it contains evaporates some water. The hookah, an indispensable element of eastern culture, has begun to be used with certain changes in the west. Usage is distinctive in terms of culture, but there are many common elements. The use of hookahs with multiple marbles is widespread in the west. This practice offers a different collective drinking environment compared to the east. lt is smoked by only one person as long as the tube does not change hands in the east.

After finishing, the smoker shows it by leaning the hookah tube to the table or he offers it to the co-smokers by holding the mouth part inclined so that looks at himself in the Arabic culture. Flushing or tapping with the opposite of the hand shows acceptance and is the indication of his satisfaction. In cafes and restaurants, it is widespread each user has a separate hookah order. Among the hookah smokers, there are four items that are supposed to be in the smoking environment. These consist of ‘shisha bowl, pipe, shisha tube and bottle’. The part that the tobacco is put in is called the shisha bowl, the long body of the hookah is pipe, the part in which water bubbles and filters the smoke is bottle and the shisha tube is the part where the smoke goes through. Hookah has a long history of tobacco. Tobacco, which dates back to the Mayan and Astek civilizations, was originally used for rituals and therapeutic purposes.

In today’s conditions, the consumption of nargile with tobacco flavor is reduced from over 40 to 18 age groups. This situation has increased the interest of world youth to nargile in the 21st century. With flavored tobacco, hookah has become popular among the younger generation. The coffeehouse culture, where hookah emerged in the 16th century, has turned into a café culture in the 21st century.


There are a few important issues to be aware of while preparing the hookah, and one needs to pay attention to the details. These are the following by their order;
1- ) A good hookah kit,
2- ) Use of clean shisha bowl,
3- ) Shisha tube hygiene,
4- ) The ratio of the water in the bottle,
5- ) Use of quality tobacco,
6- ) Putting the tobacco in a proper position,
7- ) Proper fitting of foil,
8- ) The quality of the used coal,
9- ) Opening of the hookah.

  1. Use of a good hookah kit: A good hookah kit is the use of a hookah kit made from a non-oxidizing (chrome, glass stainless steel) material. This is very important both for health and to be free from negative tastes of reminiscent of a metal or mildew taste owing to oxidized tools. In addition, cleaning of such non-oxidized tools is easier. One of the best cleaning methods is to clean and dry these sets with vinegar water and use them again after the vinegar smell vanishes.
  2. Use of clean shisha  bowl: Many different types of liquid are used today. The most common of these are tile and silicon shisha bowl . If we use a tile shisha bowl , it is necessary to use the same flavor all the time. Preparing different flavor tobaccos often veils the pleasure, since it is often caused by mixtures of flavors. To avoid this, the aroma flavor you use in tile shisha bowls should always be the same. In silicone and ceramic shisha bowls, the surface can not absorb the aroma, so it would be aroma-free by cleaning it with vinegar or washing it with odorless chemicals. You can also prepare shisha bowls by carving different kinds of fruit.
  3. Shisha tube hygiene: In hookah used in public spaces, shisha tube is not very clean, so it is not suitable for hygiene. But with disposable shisha tubes it is possible to eliminate this problem. If you use a tool of your own, you can use a leather shisha tube. If you use the shisha tube for only one kind of flavor as well as the shisha bowl, the aroma becomes a fine detail that provides a very enjoyable experience because it will penetrate the shisha bowl in time.
  4. Rate of water in the bottle: If there is more water in the bottle, it       becomes harder to get the smoke and even it may spoil your pleasure by causing water leak into your nozzle. If it is less, it will catch the smoke very easily and you will not hear the sound of the bubbles or you feel it very light. In this case, you will have an unpleasant smoking experience that burns your throat and makes you cough. In order not to experience all of this, you should set the water well and adjust for yourself. You can easily adjust this without pouring the water before placing the shisha  bowl into the bottle. In addition, if you want to strengthen the aroma you can follow aprocess such as using fruit juice instead of water in the bottle, or milk with coffee-flavored tobaccos.
  5. Use of quality tobacco: Quality aroma should be confused as quality tobacco. The aroma is personal and may vary from taste to taste. The real issue here is that there is no way to use products that are not subject to any specified methods of production under the stairs. You may not even have tobacco in your product. It may not have been produced in hygienic environments and these products produced without tolerance limits for health may cause different reactions in your metabolism. For this reason it is important to get the products you are sure of the production quality. If you experience severe pain in your mouth after consumption of hookah, do not choose that product again.
  6. Placing the tobacco in a proper position: This is perhaps the most important and sensitive point of the hookah. No matter how good the quality of tobacco you use or how beautiful the flavor is, the tobacco which is not placed in a proper position can cause you to have a very unpleasant smoking or faint and untasteful as well. In addition to the things we mentioned about the shisha bowl, a half-inch gap should be left between the foil and shisha bowl. This gap will increase as of the coal’s calorie increases. Otherwise, the tobacco in the nozzle will burn quickly, and the aroma will cause chemical deterioration due to this heat, so we encounter a sour taste that burns the throat, coughs and has a bad taste irrelevant to the aroma. Since the space with the foil is too much, it will be a very slow burning, so we will have a less smoke and light flavorful taste. It takes longer to open the hookah, and end up a tiring situation. In addition, the tobacco bulb should be spread slightly but not be tightened as well as a care should be taken not to block the air vents in the shisha tube.
  7. Fitting the foil to the shisha bowl properly : First, the foil we use should be a thick foil. It must be produced heat resistant and made with a polishing that does not harm human health. So we have to use a foil suitable for the hookah. The suitable foil must be tightly wrapped and care should be taken to prevent air leakage. The holes we open on the foil should be opened homogeneously on the shisha tube, not too many nor too few.
  8. The quality of the coal used: This is one of the most important details in the hookah. The coal used should be produced for hookah. It is very substantial to use proper coal, which is odorless, has a low carbon monoxide content and does not cause headaches. This is very important both for your taste and your health. It is generally recommended to use oak coal produced for hookah. It is also necessary to pay attention to calorie values. High calories coal causes tobacco to burn excessively, while coal with low calories causes low burns or extinction continuously. In all these situations you may miss your enjoyment.
  9. Opening of the hookah: After the hookah is prepared, it is ensured hookah to be brewed by putting coal and waiting 3-4 minutes. Then we can smoke and open our hookah with ease. In the light of all this, we understand that the narghile maker can turn the best quality aroma tobaccos into garbage if they do not pay attention. lt can be can be prepared even better with the best quality flavored tobacco.